Embark on a sonic journey across vast landscapes with this collection of post-rock guitar instrumental tracks.

Listen to my latest release "Echoes Beyond the Horizon".

Experience the grandeur and power of cinematic rock. From triumphant anthems of victory to heart-pumping moments of intense action, these tracks capture the epic spirit of blockbuster films and larger-than-life adventures. Whether you're looking to add a dynamic edge to your next film or video game project, or simply want to rock out to some epic tunes, this album delivers with its high-energy and cinematic style.

These tracks and more are available for license via Primalhouse Music.

Cinematic Rock

Enter a world of shadows and intrigue with this album of dark tension cues. From the eerie and ominous to the suspenseful and foreboding, each track will take you on a journey through the darkest corners of the human psyche. These cues are the perfect accompaniment for any scene that requires an unsettling and ominous atmosphere, whether it's a crime thriller, horror film, or psychological drama.

These tracks and more are available for license via Primalhouse Music.

Dark Tension
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Imagine a world beyond the flickering screen. A world whispered in the rustle of leaves and the rumble of thunder. A world where emotions ignite before your eyes can even see them. This is the power of music and sound design in storytelling.

The greatest films, TV shows, ads, and games aren't just pictures, they're journeys. Music becomes the invisible hand, pulling you deeper into the narrative. A tense melody foreshadows danger, a swelling crescendo mirrors a character's triumph. The soundtrack speaks a language all its own. A subtle shift in sound can transport you from a bustling marketplace to a desolate wasteland. The music is the invisible thread that binds the visuals to your imagination and makes the story truly resonate.

Brian is a musician, composer, and producer who specializes in music for film and television. He has a B.A. in Jazz Studies and Music Media. With experience in a wide range of genres, he can craft the perfect soundtrack for your film, advertisement, game, TV show, or other media production.

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